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Mayukh's World: Pocket PC Freebies Monday, June 05, 2023
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    Welcome to my free Pocket PC software page. The pocket PC that I own is a Cassiopeia E-125. This page contains some free software that I've written for the Pocket PC. Currently, I have two programs that I've written for the Pocket PC. I have included the source code as well as the binary for a CE device with a MIPS processor (such as a Cassiopeia) and a SH3 processor. You can always recompile it for other platforms if you wish, by downloading the tools here.
    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Note that there is NO WARRANTY for this software and the author assumes no responsibilities for any damages or losses caused by these programs. The code is released under the Gnu General Public License, and the terms and conditions may be found here.


    GnotePad is a program that serves as a simple text editor. Basically, my E-125 has some really nice programs in it, but no small text editor. Instead, it comes with a Pocket Word. Since I was just starting to learn how to program Pocket PCs, I figured that this might be a good project to cut my teeth with. Currently, the program has a few menus disabled, which are noted in the bugs section below.


  • Screenshot
  • Source Code and Binaries (35 KB Zip file. Actual application is much smaller.)

  • Paste: Normally this menu item is supposed to be enabled, only if there is text data in the clipboard. The code to do this worked fine in the emulator, but didn't quite work on the Cassiopeia itself. Looks like Casio didn't implement the IsClipboardFormatAvailable() call correctly. I worked around this by making this menu item always available. I've left the original code commented, so that you can uncomment it and see if it works on your platform.

    Added Jan 15th 2004 - Mark Janveaux reports that he has the same issue with IsClipboardFormatAvailable(). Apparently the call doesn't work for the Dell Axim and IPAQ 2210 as well. So I'm not the only one :-). Mark's workaround was to use the line:
    pCmdUI->Enable(CountClipboardFormats() > 0)
    This way, the Paste command is enabled if there's something (not necessarily text) in the clipboard.
  • Find: The code for this menu item refused to pop up a find dialog correctly on my emulator. Funnily enough, the SAME code works great, if I compile it in regular Visual C++ for a Win32 application! I haven't tried the code out on the actual Cassiopeia yet, so the bug may actually be in the emulator. For now, the workaround was to not implement this feature! Hopefully, I will correct this problem in the near future.
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    Space Bugs

    Space Bugs is a small video game program that I wrote in something like 2 hours flat. It's about 850 lines long including the comments. It's pretty basic right now, but I will put in better graphics, once I have some more time to work on it. This is my first video game for the Pocket PC, so please ignore the shoddy graphics.

    In a nutshell, you're in command of a small space ship and your mission is to destroy 50 enemy aliens before they reach Earth or run into you. The controls for this game are:
  • Direction Buttons - Move ship up, down, left or right.
  • Start Button - Stop Game.
  • Button A - Fire.

    You can shoot only one shot at a time, so be careful while shooting because you cannot release another shot until your previous one either hits an enemy or disappears off the screen. If an alien's shot touches you, then you restart from the centre of the screen (press Button A to restart).

  • Some Pocket PCs may require downloading the GAPI library. To get the latest version of this library, go to and download the zip file to your hard disk. After unzipping it, copy the file gx.dll from the directory corresponding to your Pocket PC's processor to your "windows" directory on your Pocket PC. If yyou don't know how to do that, e-mail me for instructions. Note that some Pocket PCs (like my Cassiopeia E-125) already have this file, so you may not need to download it at all. Check your "windows" directory on your Pocket PC to see if you need to download anything.
  • Screen shot
  • Source Code and Binaries (87 KB Zip file. Game is only around 11 KB in size for a Cassiopeia.)

  • Fix Graphics: Graphics are a little too blocky. Will implement Bresenham's line and circle algorithms to draw better graphics. Also might consider drafting some talented kid to do the actual drawings for the ship and the aliens.
  • No Sound: Have to make a few WAV files and add code to play these files back. Will do this in the next version (hopefully soon).

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