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  • Welcome to Mayukh's World e-mail me

    It looks like you've stumbled upon the page of Mayukh Bose. All right, so you're wondering who this guy is anyways and what does this page contain? Allow me to explain -- My life started off in IIT Madras, India and between one thing and another, it still goes on. If you're wondering about the weird first name and family history, click here.
    I currently live in the lovely city of Glendale, California and I work as a programmer/designer/gofer guy in general at Valueclick Media. My languages of choice (and yes, I do use all of them at work/home on a regular basis) are Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder, C, C++, Perl, Php and Python. I also program in other languages such as Java, DataFlex, Gupta, Procomm's ASP language and Fortran whenever I feel like it.
    These pages contain information about computers in general, programming tips for specific languages, some free software programs that I've written and pages on a variety of topics. I have a rather broad set of interests :-).

    Recent Purchases

    07/01/2008 New Judas Priest album: Nostradamus

    Event Blogger

    10/29/2009 - Moved to a new webhost. Now I can control my own access. Added a history of the Barkataki family in my About Me page. I'm also shamelessly plugging a website owned by two friends here. For anyone with kids who're old enough to use a computer, you may want to consider installing a family filter on your PC. Here's one place for parental control software reviews
    05/29/2008 - Updated Pictures with Stars album with picture of Randal Schwartz.
    01/11/2008 - Added an email anonymous forwarding script to the perl programming section. Finally my perl section gets off the ground.
    12/30/2007 - Added an article on migrating your rails project to a new server in the Ruby programming section.
    11/19/2007 - Added C code to make dynamic arrays in the freebies section.
    11/16/2007 - Started a Ruby programming section.
    11/16/2007 - Got two wisdom teeth yanked and updated my Pictures with Stars album.
    01/30/2007 - Updated my old Sony PCG-505TR laptop with OpenBSD 4.0. dmesg and xorg.conf are here
    01/09/2007 - Updated my Pictures with Famous People album.
    01/08/2007 - Added pictures of USS Midway.
    01/07/2007 - First wedding anniversary!
    02/19/2006 - Added a new album - Pictures with Famous People.
    01/07/2006 - Married my sweetheart. Can you believe it? I'm married!!!
    11/05/2005 - Updated my sword collection pictures.
    02/01/2005 - Started putting together my Comprehensive C++ Operator Overloading Tutorial and it is coming along quite nicely.
    01/02/2005 - Released my Python Internet Explorer Controlling Library to the unsuspecting world.
    11/22/2004 - Bye bye 24/7 Search, hello ValueClick Media.
    10/11/2004 - Added a CSV parsing class and a libcURL wrapper in my C/C++ Freebies page.
    06/27/2004 - Added pictures of my swords to my collections page.
    03/20/2004 - Added addlice - a python program to quickly add copyright notices/licenses to source code written in various languages.
    02/15/2004 - Opened up the python section of my site with a tutorial on ADO Programming with Python.
    01/11/2004 - Meet Kepler and Galileo, my two new pets. They're land hermit crabs and are pretty small right now. Kepler is the one in pink and Galileo is the one in purple. Here's another picture of them.
    11/15/2003 - Added some Free C/C++ Software.
    06/29/2003 - Added scanned pictures of 1997 Airshow at Edwards AFB. The pictures aren't the best quality, but there are a lot of aircraft featured in this album.
    05/29/2003 - Lots of updates. My hosting company upgraded their webserver and somehow, the .html files no longer executable by the PHP interpreter. They also return with the wrong content-type. So I was forced to do a great renaming, as well as an alteration of the links. Never fear, I wrote a perl script to do that for me. I'll put that script up soon.
    11/20/2002 - European Vacation 2002 pictures are here!
    09/08/2002 - Rewrote my entire Apache Installation guide. Hope you like this new edition.
    04/21/2002 - Big changes afoot! Made changes to my apache guide. Added my Dark Age of Camelot character statistics to my personal page. Two new photo albums (Christmas 2001 and Philadelphia trip) are also online. Updated my movie and CD collections.
    01/26/2002 - Pictures of my guitar collection are now online.
    01/12/2002 - Added emoticons and clickable URL links to the FreeSpeech Chat package.
    01/01/2002 - It's a new year! Updated my music and movie collections. Christmas and New Year photos will follow soon!
    12/01/2001 - Thanksgiving 2001 pictures are now online. Also got around to updating my book, music and movie collection pages.
    11/11/2001 - Finally got around to posting the Road Trip 2001 pictures. This was a trip I made to Arizona a couple of weeks ago.
    10/17/2001 - Finally got around to releasing the FreeSpeech Chat package. This is a free chat program package for webmasters.
    10/10/2001 - Restructured the layout of the site. I found that certain spiders didn't like indexing files with .dll extension, so I changed the site to use .html instead.
    10/08/2001 - Added Picture Albums section to this web site.
    09/20/2001 - Added pictures of my BMW online.
    08/20/2001 - Started work on my Classical Music Collection.
    08/19/2001 - My Old Computer Collection is now online.
    08/19/2001 - Added new video game to Pocket PC page.
    08/18/2001 - Added a camera to my office computer thanks to the tireless efforts of Chris Taylor. Now you can see me picking my nose at work in here
    08/15/2001 - Started work on the Pocket PC Free Software Page.
    08/10/2001 - I'm now officially a citizen of the United States of America.
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