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Mayukh's World: Other Music Friday, September 30, 2022
Other Music
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  • Other Music

    My other music collection consists of a variety of styles. Firstly, there's the blues, without which there would have been no rock and roll. Then, I know quite a few people in bands and they give me some of their work. Lastly there's assorted music like theme songs, marching tunes etc.


    Best of the Blues Vol I and IIVarious Artists
    Poet of the BluesWillie Dixon
    King of the Delta Blues Singers (complete works)Robert Johnson
    Led Astray - The Blues Roots of Led ZeppelinVarious Artists


    Local Bands That I Like

    Man Made SoulsTom Valdez's Man Made Souls
    First GearFrank Spano's Five Wheel Drive
    The J.S. Bach ExperienceThe J.S. Bach Experience
    Learning how to loveKimberlee who I saw at a coffee shop
    State of GraceJill Gatsby who I met in the same coffee shop


    Other Music

    AriaShahin & Sepehr
    GuitarrasStrunz & Farrah
    Fandango NightsWillie & Lobo
    Civilized EvilJohn-Luc Ponty
    Guitar - Indian StylePrasanna
    Vande MataramA.R. Rehman


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