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Credits, Legalese, the Fun Stuff....


Most of the information on this page was gleaned from several places around the net. However, a big thank you to Christopher Hajime Taylor for writing the original text document that made this all possible.

I learned a lot more about *nix file hierarchies and general OS stuff from google, especially their Linux and BSD search directories, Devshed and BSD Forums.

Manish Malik suggested adding some screenshots in the Installation section.

Also, here's a smooth shout out to Shriram Chaubal and the gang out at gandmasti.com for providing the web space for this project.


Legal Info

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Installation Walkthrough for Apache/PHP with SQL Server and MySQL.
Copyright (C) 2001 Mayukh Bose.
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To contact me by e-mail, please write to: mayukh_bose@hotmail.com



1. Why was this site created?
Who knows... I was bored, I guess



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