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The Apache Web Server is the most commonly used web server today. About 70% of the world uses this free software package currently. There is a large amount of documentation available that talks about how to set up Apache, MySQL etc. However, the documentation is not available in one place. This web page attempts to correct the problem, by describing a step-by-step process to install Apache along with some popular modules.

What you will find here is primarily a walk through for installing Apache with PHP support for SQL Server on Linux and FreeBSD. There are also instructions for other packages that may be added optionally, such as mySQL, mod_gzip, mhash etc. I've specifically tested these instructions with RedHat Linux from versions 6.0 to 9.0, FreeBSD from versions 4.2 to 4.8, OpenBSD 3.1 to 3.2 and most recently, NetBSD 1.6. If you're attempting to use this guide for OpenBSD or NetBSD, then you can pretty much follow all the instructions that I have detailed for FreeBSD and it should work just fine.

The reader is assumed to have some basic skills on *nix systems, such as the ability to list files in a directory, edit a file, change file permissions etc. If you have no idea what I'm trying to say here, please purchase a beginner's guide and learn how to do these basic tasks first.

If you are looking for the older apache guide that I first wrote, then you will find it here. Please note that I didn't quite know as much then, so some of the information there is non-standard. I also added several new sections and modules to the new guide. With that said, here's my new and much improved guide.


I. Before you start
II. Downloads
III. Installation
IV. Configuration
V. Credits

Latest: 08-01-2003 Updated notes for newer package versions.

01-11-2003 Updated notes for newer package versions that became available recently.

09-08-2002 Reworked the entire guide to use standard file system hierarchies. Added notes to use mod_gzip module and www account. There were a lot of changes done here!

See what has been added recently since you last came here.

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Apache Installation Walkthrough
Last updated 08/01/2003