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Mayukh's World: Migrating Your Rails Program to a New Server Saturday, February 16, 2019
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    Migrating your Rails programs to a new server

    Modifying the Code
    If you've been developing on rails 1.x and are now moving to a rails 2.x server, you'll probably notice that your code doesn't work the same anymore. Here's a common list of changes you might need to make:

    1. Replace all instances of model in your code with require_dependency
       model :cart
       model :order_detail
       require_dependency 'cart'
       require_dependency 'order_detail'

    2. Remove instances of include Reloadable from your code. They are not needed

    3. start_form_tag and end_form_tag are no longer used. Replace with:
       <% form_tag do %>
          <% end %>

    4. text_field_with_auto_complete is no longer standard with rails. This has been moved into a plugin that you can install with:
        script/plugin install auto_complete

    5. ActiveRecord::count() syntax has been modified:
        model.count("column = '23'")
        model2.count(['column = ?', 23])
        model.count( :conditions => ['column = ?', 23])
        model2.count( :conditions => ['column = ?', 23])

    Here's a larger list of deprecated items

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