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Mayukh's World: Pictures With Famous People Saturday, September 23, 2023

Pictures with Famous People

This page contains pictures I've taken with various famous people over the years. These people are generally known in the fields of computer science or rock n' roll. This list will be updated as I meet more of them.

Tim Bunce, Perl Guru Extraordinare

Jens Ludwig, Guitar, Edguy

Felix Bohnke, Drums, Edguy

Dirk Sauer, Guitar, Edguy

Tobias Sammet, Vocals, Edguy

Tobias Sammet, Vocals, Edguy

Stefan Elmgren, Guitar, HammerFall

Anders Johansson, Drums, Ex-Yngwie, now HammerFall

Joacim Cans, Vocals, HammerFall

Magnus Rosen, Bass, HammerFall

Jens Johansson, Keyboards, Ex-Yngwie, now Stratovarius (Anders' brother :))

Timo Kotipelto, Vocals, Stratovarius

Joerg Michael, Drums, Stratovarius

Lauri Porra, Bass, Stratovarius

Tommy Portimo, Drums, Sonata Arctica

Tony Kakko (center), Vocals, Sonata Arctica. My buddy Angel (future rock star!) on the right

Dr. Damian Conway, Insane Perl Guy

Alexander Krull, Vocals, Leaves Eyes

My buddy Angel, Liv Kristine Krull, Vocals, Leaves Eyes

Mark Jason Dominus, Author of Higher Order Perl

Larry Wall, He invented Perl

Guido Van Rossum, He invented Python

Randal Schwartz, author of many Perl books.